Dave says that Macworld Expo

Dave says that Macworld Expo isn’t allowing personal Web site writers, editors or creators to register as media. Okay, I understand why this is the case. The point of the web is that everyone can publish. The point of having special media access is so that those of us who work as journalists can get our work done without everyone fretting about how they have to talk to Steve, or eating all the sandwiches in the press room.

My objection to the new registration rules is that, for the first time (to the best of my knowledge), they aren’t allowing freelance writers who aren’t on assignment to register as media. Yeah, I do cover Apple. I was on CNET radio last week talking about Apple. I’ve written about previous keynotes. I have a review in the February 2002 Macworld. But because I don’t have a letter from an editor or publisher or a business card from a publication with my name on it or my name on a masthead, I’m screwed. Sheesh.

Any editors or publishers out there want to fax me an assignment letter?